The Curious Mrdoob: Who Is Really?

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Mrdoob has been responsible for a lot of content on my website. Not directly, but indirectly because of his awesome internet creations. I’ve never known who Mrdoob is.

As with most internet personas, they are often anonymous and hard to find the real person behind the mask, so to speak.

However, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to him/her since this person has gained a level of internet popularity many dreams of and only a few have ever achieved.

Who is Mrdoob and why is he/she so popular?

an image of a person typing on a computerAccording to my sources, the internet persona Mrdoob is actually a male programmer called Ricardo Cabello as reported on His website, also the same as his developer name is a strange but beautiful place and the home of many weird and very talented coding creations. goes on to report that Ricardo, besides being a very creative programmer, has made over 2000 Github contributions (pieces programming code). He’s a master when it comes to browser programming technology and is also the developer of the Javascript 3D library.

I came to know about him mostly through his Mrdoob Google Gravity creation, Google Sphere, Google Space and a few others. The first creation, from what I could find out with regards to my research, was part of an experiment by Google project where he probably submitted his coding development to the website, and it took off by a storm.

Google Sphere and space are very similar to the Google Gravity creation. However, I have yet to write a full brief with regards to each one of those projects.

Why he became so popular is not 100% clear to me. I assume that through one of his projects, maybe something like Google gravity, he gained internet stardom.

I’m saying this because I’ve seen statistics where it shows that his Gravity creation gets searched by internet users millions of times per year. His code name even received thousands of monthly searches which is crazy.

Following and getting more information from him

You can follow Ricardo on Twitter and be one of his 35000 Twitter follower (not too shabby for a random internet programmer) here.

You can see all the programming projects he is busy with and has submitted to the open internet on his Github profile. My programming skill is subpar at best, so I have no clue what a lot of it means, but some of his recent projects include (at the time of writing this): three.js, stat.js, texgen.js and more.

Here’s another very cool project from him called Magic Dust on the Experiments With Google site:

His website is full of weird and exciting internet creations from graphics that move in strange shapes and sizes till Google browser-based technology. I almost feel like a bit of a groupie by writing this, but it’s safe to say that Mrdoob deserves all the credit he gets and this write up!