Spinner Google Game – Number & Fidget

spinner google easter egg

The spinner Google game is part of a fun little series of interactive games and tools developed by Google. When typing in “spinner” in the Google search engine, you are presented with a wheel that can spin. What’s cool about this Easter Egg or Google trick is the fact that you have many different options. You can change the wheel size from 2-20 numbers with the default setting at 6 numbers.

When you click on the wheel and flick it with your mouse, it spins until it lands on a random number. Additionally, you can switch between the wheel and fidget spinner. When turning the fidget spinner, it almost seems as if it spins forever and I get tunnel vision!

To check it out for yourself all you need to do is:

Go to Google.com/uk/etc. and do a search for “spinner”.

You’ll now be presented with the wheel, options to select the number of numbers on the wheel, etc.

Alternatively, as mentioned before, you can choose the fidget spinner instead.

When choosing the fidget spinner, it should look something like this:

fidget google trick

Besides this being a cool little trick, you also get access to a bunch of other Google games and tools this way. All you need to do is click on the downward-facing arrow below the fidget spinner or wheel (depending on which is selected).

On my screen, I’m able to access the in-browser calculator, color picker, roll a die and more. You can also select between games and tools which is pretty fun. I’ll probably cover a few more items from the “games & toys” section in following blog posts.

games and tools

Watch from 01:00 for more info on the spinner below: