Play Snake – My Favorite Game On Google

Snake game on Google

The “play Snake” Google game is probably my favorite of all the games on Google. For some reason, I tend to like arcade games which pose a “challenge”. This game also takes me back to a time when I had a Nokia 3310 cellphone and I played snake on it. There’s actually an online emulator that allows you to play that game on the same screen here.

With the Google version, there is at least some color and cool sound effects compared to the Nokia 3310 version. The rules are very simple. Use the arrow keys on your computer to change the directions of the snake on the screen. For mobile devices, you need to swipe to change direction.

The goal of the game is to catch the little red apple with the snake. If you touch the borders of the map or the snake hits himself, you die and need to start over. It gets harder once your snake grows in length and navigating the borders can be tricky.

Either way, it’s great fun and I was able to reach a score of 20 after playing a few minutes.

Here’s how you can play it yourself:

Just go to Google and search for “play snake“. Click the “play” button and start moving your snake! That’s it!

snake game

I hope you have as much fun with this game as I did. I might even return to it some time and play some more!