Play Pacman On Google!

pacman game in Google

Who doesn’t like Pacman? Okay, that’s probably the wrong way to start this blog post. I was born in the Pacman-era and remember it frustrating me a lot. I played Mario Brothers a lot more back then and that got me fired up as well.

The game is part of an iconic 80s era and was first introduced to the Japanese market in 1980. You can read more about the awesome history of this game and what happens when you get to the final level here.

Either way, as you’ve probably already noticed, Pacman is not my favorite game in the world. It’s a game I get bored with pretty easily. However, you can play it for free right there on Google! That should make someone happy!

Here’s how to access the game and play it for free:

Just go to your browser and do a Google search for “Pacman“. Similar to the Solitaire game I previously wrote about, you’ll see an introductory screen whereafter you need to click the “Play” button.

After you’ve done that, you can play Pacman forever! Your screen will look something like this:


The game comes with all the amazing sound effects (actually the most irritating in the world in my opinion).

It starts off pretty easy but definitely gets harder as you catch more of those little ghosts and get past levels. I did not spend enough time on the game to find out how many levels Google allows you to complete.

Feel free to try that out for yourself and report back to me.