Find out what Google really knows about you as a user with these new features

Google is looking to introduce new features, and design changes to the user interface privacy and security dashboard to make it easier to use for touch-screen users.  Also, the changes are being implemented to make users understand better which Google product is holding their data.

More specifically, Google is giving its users new ways in which they can retrieve data from the massive amount of information they store. In a recent blog article published on September 8, 2017, as talked about on, the technology firm states that the main user dashboard which was launched back in 2009 is going to undergo changes from its core.

Ever since its inception, the panel has never been optimized properly for mobile use, and this has made it difficult for some users to navigate it properly. The current dashboard page is mainly designed for use on a PC and contains some small links and texts with no straight forward way of downloading the data.

Google user account image

It normally has tools such as My Activity and My Account which are very useful and comes highly recommended. These portals allow users to view all of their operations and search and manage activities over various Google products such as YouTube and the Maps platform.

Based on the images that Google has shared, the new dashboard looks as though it will be a distilled version that focuses more on the graphical aspects. Features such as ‘See and manage data in your account’ displayed as the first choice, and with ‘Popular Google Services’ placed just below it can be expected.

The dashboard page that is currently in use is mainly text-operated with various sub-menus and needs to be navigated from My Account to My Activity or to Personal Info and Service to perform a data check. However, the new page contains larger logos for Google products that are commonly used and features a link at its top whereby users are allowed to download their data.

The new dashboard design will also make it easier for users to get an overview of what Google products have been used and also some personal information on each of the products. While Google has not yet said when the changes are expected to be fully implemented into the dashboard, they are supposed to take place in a few days’ time.

They also shared some statistics to the general public that indicated the number of people who make use of specific tools that are available on the dashboard. According to those statistics, each year, almost a hundred million people take advantage of the My Account feature on the dashboard and tens of millions make use of their Privacy check up to modify their privacy settings preferences step by step.

Additionally, as a way of reminding people that they are free to leave whenever they please, Google also stated that approximately one million people and more make use of the Takeout feature every month, which allows users to export all of the personal data saved in Google services and save it in a different location.

They also stated that ever since the Takeout feature was released in 2011, the amount of data downloaded by users exceeds one Exabyte, which equates to one billion gigabytes approximately.