Google’s Hidden Search Engine Tricks [Infographic]

Google’s Hidden Search Engine Tricks [Infographic]

It’s not always business as usual with this global technology giant. Google also likes to be playful and have developed an extensive list of hidden search engine tricks on many of its platforms and products called Easter Eggs.

I’m feeling curious, and Google Gravity are both parts of this list (my two favorite Google Easter Egg tricks).

If you’ve ever read an article here, you will know that I’ve mentioned these topics numerous times. I discovered a bunch of new ones the other day and instead of writing one of my random articles I decided to have an infographic made of four of the Easter Eggs I liked the most.

These include Googles “Tic tac toe,” “Fidget spinner,” “Roll a die,” “Pac-Man.”

Take a look and please share it on any of your social accounts if you liked it!

Google’s Hidden Search Engine Tricks [Easter Eggs] infographic