Do a barrel roll for me Google

do a barrel roll Google trick

The “do a barrel roll” Google trick is probably one of the most pointless tricks ever blogged about. When you do a search “do a barrel roll’ your screen literally rolls over. It’s almost like asking a dog to roll over. It serves no other purpose than being a cool trick to show your friends I guess.

Here’s how to see it for yourself:

Just go to your local etc. or with your Chrome browser and search for “do a barrel roll”.

Next, you’ll see your screen tilt over and do a 360 flip while serving the search results.

I was curious and wanted to see if it works on mobile devices and through Internet Explorer. It actually works on both of them. When you see it on your mobile device it’s the coolest in my opinion.

You can see the trick and a few others in the video below:

Interestingly enough, people also wanted to see the barrel roll 10,20 and even 1 million. From my research and I couldn’t find any of those functions available on Google. Some third-party websites do offer their own version of “barrel roll” which might be worth checking out if you want.