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Play Pacman On Google!

pacman game in Google

Who doesn’t like Pacman? Okay, that’s probably the wrong way to start this blog post. I was born in the Pacman-era and remember it frustrating me a lot. I played Mario Brothers a lot more back then and that got me fired up as well. The game is part of an iconic 80s era and …

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Play Solitaire In Google!

solitaire in Google

I think there’s a lot of you that will love this Google game. It’s none other than Solitaire! With this Google trick, you can play Solitaire right there in your browser. Although it’s a great game, I don’t think game developers are far too happy about it. This game will steel away quite a few …

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Askew Google Trick

Google screenshot

The Askew Google trick is something, that if implemented by Google across their entire search engine, would drive me crazy. Basically, when searching for the words “askew” in Google, the search results for the search term will show, but the screen will be out of alignment. Google defines “askew” as “not in a straight or …

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Find out what Google really knows about you as a user with these new features

Google is looking to introduce new features, and design changes to the user interface privacy and security dashboard to make it easier to use for touch-screen users.  Also, the changes are being implemented to make users understand better which Google product is holding their data. More specifically, Google is giving its users new ways in …

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