Askew Google Trick

Google screenshot

The Askew Google trick is something, that if implemented by Google across their entire search engine, would drive me crazy. Basically, when searching for the words “askew” in Google, the search results for the search term will show, but the screen will be out of alignment. Google defines “askew” as “not in a straight or level position” according to the dictionary box that popped up.

Thank goodness this is only a trick and not something we have to use every day of our lives. I opt-in for straight lines and level positions at any time of the day, thank you very much.

Either way, here’s how to see it for yourself:

Go to your local Google search engine website. This could be,, etc. I’ve tested it on a few different Google site locations and it seems to work on most of them.

Next, type in the search term “askew” and hit the search button/enter.

You’ll get a screen looking something like this:

Google screenshot

As per Google’s many functions, it seems that people are also searching for terms like “askew left/right/barrel roll”. After checking out those terms, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is only one type and all the variations with left/right/barrel roll do not exist.

Don’t take too long looking at your screen when trying out this Google trick. Sooner or later all your screens will start looking crooked and out of order as well.