I never thought this blog would come so far. I initially just got this wild idea to create the I’m Feeling Curious Technology blog almost out of the blue. One month later I already have around 10 posts on the website. It might not sound like much, but for me getting it on here took some effort and dedication.

Fast forward almost more than a year ago since I’ve started the blog and I’ve been very lazy at updating posts. I realized that it was time to give this blog a new direction and removed some old content that was irrelevant.

The original idea was all about technology and mostly Google Easter Eggs which are also known as Google search engine tricks.

That’s what this blog has been all about for me. The discovery of those tricks and making the rest of the world aware of them. Occasionally I wrote a few general technology news articles, but the main theme remains Google tricks.

I haven’t written about any new Easter Eggs for 2018, so, maybe it’s time to discover and explore once again.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my totally random (now with some purpose) technology blog.