4 Curious Apps From the Google Play Store

curious apps from Google play store

Nowadays, mobile devices have evolved from the simple call making tools they used to be to devices that can be used to make life easier. The Google Play Store has new kinds of applications coming in almost every day. Some of these apps are very innovative while others fail to hold interest among users. When apps first became easy to install in mobile phones, most users would simply download games that they could keep themselves occupied with.

As time passed by, more people began to discover that learning applications were far more beneficial hence the need to find apps that could educate or motivate increased. Finding a good selection of these types of applications among the thousands available in the store can be a bit difficult. To help you pick which ones to get, below, I’ve listed 4 curious apps From the Google Play Store.

1. Curious: The Game of Learning

Curious: The Game of Learning is a subscription-based mobile learning application which challenges the user to earn CQ points by taking quizzes, watching videos, reading articles, listening to audio files, and much more. Users will be allowed to select a 5, 15, or 30-minute time goals and then he/she will take a quiz to personalize 8 areas of learning namely: Humanities, relationships, work, STEM, music, play, aesthetics, and mind/body. Different CQ points are assigned to the lessons based on the time and difficulty of each lesson, and as CQ points continue to be earned, the CQ wheel fills up.

The app has a lot to learn as it has over 25,000 lessons that cover several topics such as guitar lessons, cooking, history, and second languages. It’s a great way to learn little by little about a lot of topics for only a few minutes each day. The content consists of materials which should be suitable for people of all ages. The app currently has 10,000 – 50,000 installs.

However, the only disadvantage is that it is not free. It would have been great if the creators found a way to give users a taste of the app by offering a free version that could allow them to experience the benefits of the app before paying for a full version.

2. Curious Cat

Curious Cat is a question and answer based social networking application which is currently used by thousands of people daily. Users can connect to the app using their Facebook or Twitter profiles and once connected, they will be able to ask and/or answer questions through the app anonymously. They are also able to engage with friends or followers from their social network profiles.

While the app is still in development and many of the expected features have not yet been implemented, it seems like a great way to ask questions that you would normally be embarrassed to ask publicly. Curious Cat currently has 100,000 – 500,000 installs.

See it here.

3. Curious Cars

Curious Cars is an application that works with SAM’s Curious Cars kit to help the user build and program his/her own cars that are controlled using a remote. The app allows users to make a series of cars that have their own different functionalities. SAM’s Curious Cars kit comes with 5 different bodies that can be attached to the vehicle frame. The mobile app allows users to build 8 cars that have varying properties such as a siren, reverse gear, or flashing light.

The instructions for making the cars are clear and can be followed by children aged 7-12 quickly. However, the paper folding and gluing process may not go well for smaller hands and may need a little help from adults. The Curious Car app provides an excellent way to create amazing inventions that are straightforward and fun to build. The app currently has 10,000 – 50,000 installs.

4. Curiosity: The Mars Mission

Curiosity: The Mars Mission, is a simulation of NASA’s Mars Science Lab to the planet Mars. The app implements real flight and orbital mechanics used by NASA during their missions to the red planet. Users will be able to learn some technical aspects involved in space flight such as what it would take to land a vehicle weighing one ton on another planet. Aside from the Curiosity rover, the app also features all satellites and other space equipment that is currently orbiting Mars. Users will be required to use the orbiting equipment to map out the planet and choose a safe landing site for the rover.

The app is ideal for those people who are interested in space travel as it provides great insight into the difficulties of getting around space. However, it can get very technical as it involves some serious space simulation aspects and thereby may not be fitting for users who are looking for something casual. Curiosity: The Mars Mission currently has 100,000 – 500,000 installs.

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