The Curious Weather Hawk Of Lincoln

The point of the I’m Feeling Curious Technology Blog has always been to show the world original and noteworthy technology news and all the crazy things I find online. The start of this blog was about the “I’m feeling curious” Google trick (see it here I’m telling you this since I don’t want to confuse anyone when I’m posting a video of a Hawk on this website. Every now and then I might go a different route and post something that’s a bit out of the scope of things like this video.

At least the video contains a weather camera which in my books is as technological as it gets. Basically, there’s a camera put up in Lincoln to check the weather. In fact, there are many of these cameras around the world. Some are even connected to the internet which allows you to live stream the feed online. I’ve seen many similar cameras used for traffic as well.

What’s so cool about this little recording is that a Hawk discovered the weather camera, probably out of curiosity, and starting acting very funny in front of it. I love animals and seeing this curious little bird bobbing his head up and down looking straight into the camera is great to watch.

It’s almost like the curious Hawk is trying to talk to the camera as he opens his mouth and probably makes a lot of classic screeching Hawk sounds. Unfortunately, the video did not record sound since the weather guys don’t need sound to check the weather.

I’m thinking that Mr. Curious starting seeing his reflection in the camera lens and that’s why he was acting so strange. Whatever the real reason for his behavior,┬áMr. Curious Hawk is basically a celebrity now as his YouTube video made it all the way to the top in 300 000 YouTube video views!