The Curiosity App & Website – Only If You Want To Learn

I had the idea the see if any mobile apps existed that had the same idea of feeling curious like I have. Thankfully, I found a whole range of apps that I’m still considering writing a series about. However, one mobile app called Curiosity caught my eye and I couldn’t let it slip without writing a short review about it. The app is very popular, in fact, it’s so popular that the Google Play Store says it has between 1-5 million app installs.

Here’s a short video review of the curiosity app:

What this app does is make learning information and random facts a lot of fun. It’s almost like the “I’m feeling curious” search result I wrote about on my home page. With a combination of articles, images and more you can learn facts about a whole range of different topics. It’s also a very social app since you can like and share each fact you read on the app.

Together with the curious or curiosity app exist a website called I have to admit, I’m a bit envious of this site. They basically cover all the topic I would like to cover here. Some of the excellent categories they cover on the app and website include: “Future of driving,” “Amazing planet,” “Brilliant products,” “Animal IQ” and more.

If I had, to be honest, I could probably spend hours reading articles on or the app. It feels like one of those viral websites you can waste a lot of time one, but instead of wasting the time of gossip and junk you’re actually learning and gaining knowledge. With this app and idea, the possibilities are almost endless for the amount of information that can be showcased. What an excellent idea!

Check it out when you’ve got some time!