When You’re Feeling Curious Visit Amazon

This is not a ploy to get you to buy something. I’m for real right now. When you are feeling curious head on over to Amazon, a website basically everyone should know, and check out some of the random products available. Why I am saying this? After doing my usual rounds searching for topics to write about for my, I’m feeling Curious Technology Blog Google was very helpful to lead me to an article from Bustle.com. The article is called “21 Strange But Genius Things On Amazon That’ll Fascinate Any Curious Person“. Like most online publications they can easily create a title only to have you read a watered down article not worth much. I’ll admit: as a blogger, I often try and think of the best title to give my blog post since naturally, I want as many people reading it as possible. Isn’t that what blogging is all about?

cat looking at the sky feeling a taste for adventure

The point I’m trying to make is that with this unique article from Bustle.com about weird Amazon products it wasn’t the case. There were actually strange products discovered in their list that I feel is worth blogging about. However, before we get to a few of those products that I liked I’d like to discuss internet surfing and being curious.

If I was honest, being inclined to discovering new things and finding out how the internet works is what led me to search for and start the “I’m feeling curious” blog in the first place. It didn’t just pop up out of thin air, I was looking, learning and discovering online. I can totally relate to where the article from Bustle.com is coming from. I’ve experienced it myself, not only on Amazon but many other websites before as well.

Apparently, even Harvard said that if you’re a curious person, the chances are that when problems arise, you’ll  be able to solve them easier. This is however generally speaking. For someone that likes learning new things and enjoys the feeling that goes with it, it’s also way easier to consume new information. Again I can relate, however for me personally it depends on whether I have an actual interest in the topic at hand. If I personally need to learn about a subject, I find dull it’s going to take a lot of effort for me to consume the new information.

It looks like this is one of that classic situation where I just speak my mind, create a blog post about and entirely lose sight of the topic at hand. Right now, I don’t even feel it’s necessary for me to show you some of the products I found interesting. I think getting my point across and helping you feed your curiosity with information and teaching you to be open to learning is worth a lot more than some random Amazon product.

I can guarantee you this was not my intention to write an article not really doing the topic justice. However in some way, I feel relieved, I like it better this way anyway. I’ll try my best to write a better article next time.