I’m Feeling Lucky Google Gravity

It’s obvious that I’m way behind on the Google tricks discovery game. The more I’m looking into method similar to “I’m feeling curious” and other things what people online seem to be called Easter Eggs, the more I’m making discoveries. So, if you’re feeling tired of me showing you tricks related to the internet and Google then maybe you should wait for my next write up.

Today’s discovery is called: The Google Gravity I’m feeling lucky trick

Before I take things further and discuss this neat little trick with you the video below will give you a bit more insight.

You actually feel like these people when using this one:

people floating in space demonstrating Google gravity

Do you remember my article about “I’m feeling curious”? If not you can read about that one here. I like to refer to it from most of my posts since it’s one of the coolest Google tricks I’ve yet to discover and one of the reasons I created this technology blog.

This “I’m feeling lucky Google gravity” method is really a weird one. I’m not sure if it’s endorsed by Google themselves since the essence of this trick isn’t found on Google per say but on this website mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google-gravity.

How it grew in popularity I how no idea since I discovered it by researching weird internet things on a different site. Anyway, to get back to this Google Easter egg it takes your standard Google search results and turns the world almost upside down. Every piece of the search results page is broken down into little blocks, and the user is allowed to drag it with their mouse all over the screen.

It’s fun to play with this for a minute or two, especially if you are feeling bored. I wonder the amount of coding that went into setting up this Google trick.

Stay tuned for more cool internet facts and weird discoveries coming your way soon.