The Curious Case Of Liking Technology

Since I’ve written m “I’m feeling curious Google blog post” this new website has been standing still and waiting for inspiration. Getting inspiration to write about technology or anything else isn’t always easy. Sometimes writing almost comes naturally to me, but the words that come out of my mouth and are transformed into the text aren’t always so great.

That’s part of the reason I started to write this blog post so that I can force myself, whilst keeping up with my theme of being curious, to get inspiration for the curious technology blog. I have to be completely honest with you: this is not as easy as I thought it was going to be.

Let’s stop the rambling for a second and get down to business.

My tech history and curious case for liking technology

What were you classified as in school? Were you a nerd, jock, tech wizard, emo or whatever other classifications exist these days? Strangely enough, I was neither one of those things. I always saw myself as a jack of all trades and yes I am well aware of the next few lines of words that go with that saying. I liked sports and I still do, but I ended up in a career in technology which I also like.

It all started with my dad. He’s a bit of a tech wizard himself and also not an actual nerd. He’s a balanced guy and was the first one that introduced me to the curious world of technology and all that it holds. However, don’t let the bright lights or the bright computer screen fool you. Without any balance, you can easily get lost in the technology world and end up with a messed up life.

At the end of the day, it’s all about being balanced.

I keep on talking about being curious and curiosity that leads to learning and discovery, but sometimes you need to draw the line at enough. What am I getting at? There were times when I let my love for technology or the feelings of curiosity for what lies out there on the world wide web overrule my life. There were times when I was stuck in front of the computer for hours, hours that I could have and should have spent with friends or actually enjoying life.

It’s not like I’m not enjoying feeding my curiosity for technology online, but it’s not all there is to life. There is much, much more than that. Relationships, love, spirituality. I guess sometimes you should ask yourself, what is this that I am doing going to achieve or bring me in the end.

I’ve had to take a look at my curious technology addiction a few times over the years and adjust. I’d like to say I’ve gotten better at getting lost in the feeling of the curious internet world and having more balance in my life. A tip from me to you: don’t let technology rule your life.