The I’m Feeling Curious Cat Compilation Of 2017

After my previous mishap with writing another “I’m feeling curious” themed post and sort of going completely off topic, I wanted to make it up to my readers. However, some might not see this post as relevant. Yet, I disagree completely. They say that laughing is the greatest cure and personally I think one can’t have too many cat videos in their life. I’ve tried to starve myself of these videos because when I start to watch them, it’s almost like I can’t stop. I also hoped that anyone reading my blog would like this post since I’ve written about a Hawk acting crazy in front of a weather camera with little rebuke. I’ve limited these video to only three. I hope you enjoy them!

They should change this title to “I’m feeling cute.”

This is probably the cutest little animal you’ve ever seen in your life. I’m a dog person, but seeing this video almost makes me want to adopt. Almost. Just look at those eyes! Have you ever seen anything like it before?

When two species collide: the feeling of love in the air

Who ever stated that birds of a feather flock together? It’s absolutely not the case in this video. Here a cat is fascinated with an owl and looks like he is feeling very much in love with the little bird. I love owls by the way. I have no idea how it is possible for the owl to be same tame, yet alone the cat to stroke it’s head with its paws. That’s crazy!

Cat vs. Mini Drone

Here’s one technology fans can relate to. It’s a video about a feline discovering a drone for the first time. The reaction is kind of funny.

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