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What is Google Assistant & new features for 2017

If you own new Android device or a Home smart speaker, then there is a good chance that you’ve encountered a voice that is capable of speaking to you and answers your questions whenever you say “OK Google.” This voice is known as the Google Assistant. The G Assistant is a virtual personal assistant capable

Find out what Google really knows about you as a user with these new features

Google is looking to introduce new features, and design changes to the user interface privacy and security dashboard to make it easier to use for touch-screen users.  Also, the changes are being implemented to make users understand better which Google product is holding their data. More specifically, Google is giving its users new ways in

4 Curious Apps From the Google Play Store

Nowadays, mobile devices have evolved from the simple call making tools they used to be to devices that can be used to make life easier. The Google Play Store has new kinds of applications coming in almost every day. Some of these apps are very innovative while others fail to hold interest among users. When

The Curious Mrdoob: Who Is Really?

Mrdoob has been responsible for a lot of content on my website. Not directly, but indirectly because of his awesome internet creations. I’ve never known who Mrdoob is. As with most internet personas, they are often anonymous and hard to find the real person behind the mask, so to speak. However, I’ve decided to dedicate

Gravity Company: 3D Printed Iron Man Flying Suit

Are you a fan of comic or movies? Well, then you definitely know who Iron Man is. My guess is most of you have fantasized, even for just a minute, of what it would be like to actually have a suit that can make you fly. Well, the dream is about to become a reality.

Google Rewards High School Student Thousands of Dollars for Exposing a Security Flaw

Bug hunters for major internet companies such as Google and Facebook are typically rewarded very handsomely if they do manage to find a bug(s) that may have ended up causing significant harm to the company. Programs such as the ‘Google Vulnerability Rewards Program‘ invite people from all over the world to hack into its systems

Google’s Hidden Search Engine Tricks [Infographic]

It’s not always business as usual with this global technology giant. Google also likes to be playful and have developed an extensive list of hidden search engine tricks on many of its platforms and products called Easter Eggs. I’m feeling curious, and Google Gravity are both parts of this list (my two favorite Google Easter

Google Feud: Game Play, How Does It Work, Answers & More

I decided to focus all my attention to Google Feud which a super addictive website that uses Google’s search engine algorithm auto-complete function to present you with a search query and then lets you guess the answers (more information below). This website has become so popular that it has even been mentioned on television shows

Are QR codes are making a comeback?

It’s a bit tricky to point out the exact moment when QR codes began to fade away. Some would people claim that QR codes lost their value when a man scanned one of the black and white squares on the back of a Heinz bottle and then somehow ended up on a page full of

I’m Feeling Lucky Explained: History & Interesting Facts

You could call me the “fun Google secrets Explorer” since I’m recently discovering Google tricks left and right! I found a super cool video from CMH Tech and just had to publish a post about it. It covers Google’s I’m feeling lucky search engine trick, technique, function or whatever you’d like to call it. I’ll