Go back in time about two years ago and that’s was the first time the weird, but entertaining Google snippet appeared when you typed in the terms “I’m feeling curious”. Since the old saying curiosity killed the cat hopefully does not imply to this instance I decided to inspect further.

What is “I’m feeling curious” all about?

As with most technology development, I’m a bit out of sync. This Google trick, or whatever you’d like to call it, was first blogged about in 2015, but it only landed on my radar in 2017. None the less, it’s still live and kicking and I’m glad to blog about it. I think you’ll like it.

This Google trick is, in essence, a boredom buster and not in a time-wasting kind of way, in a knowledge building kind of way. Google is all about information, so when you do a search for the notorious I’m feeling curious trick, then you can an answer box with a random question and answer in it. You can think of it as a way to learn random facts at a time when you least expect it. Here’s a fact I was presented with about sign language used in different countries:

I'm feeling curious trick search example

My theory is that the average person typing in these words in Google either found out about this trick somewhere or, did so out of complete boredom or are really curious and want to learn. What’s cool is that you can hit the “Ask another question” button and get as many Q&A’s as you like. Either way, I will show you some of my recommendations what you can do feed your quest for knowledge or curb boredom below. For now, let’s first take a look at some of my favorite facts from the search result.

Some “I’m feeling curious” quotes I found mildly entertaining

It feels a bit weird to list all of the facts here since I don’t think you’ll find all of them as useful as I did. I’m a computer guy, but don’t pride myself in knowing everything on the planet. Most of these facts might be second nature to you.

What does it mean to throw the baby out with the bathwater?

I'm feeling curious search example

Science buffs, this one is for you.

Since I’m a big martial arts fan and have watched all Bruce Lee’s movies I had to add this one.

The video explanation:

What to do when Google’s answers don’t seem to cut it

I’ve realized that this little piece of technology from Google is educational and fun at the same time. However, I can probably screen over about 10 answers then I’m over it. I have no doubt if you can handle more facts than me, I normally get bored quickly if something does not interest me.

That being said, what do you do when “I’m feeling curious” turns into “I’m feeling bored”? We all know the internet is the biggest hub of information. Why not study up on something you’ve always wanted to learn about, but never got around to?

Depending on your mood this could be your one and only chance to light a match for an old or new hobby you’d like to pursue. However, if all else fail jump ship and head on over to one of our modern worldwide time wasters which include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

YouTube is actually is a great place to learn and find interesting facts. Find more awesome facts on my blog here, this was just a taster.

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