Go back in time about two years ago, this was the first time this weird, but interesting Google snippet or search engine trick called I’m feeling curious popped into our internet browsers. I discovered the trick and many similar ones from Google only to realize it would make an excellent theme for a technology blog. This page is just an example of all the all tech content and discoveries I will present you with on this blog.

What is “I’m feeling curious” and how to use it?

I’d like to think of this Google trick as probably the most educational one that I know exist at the moment. In essence, it’s a complete boredom buster and not in a time-wasting kind of way, in a knowledge building kind of way. Google is all about information, so when you do a search for the notorious curious trick, you are presented with a fact box containing a random question and answer in it. You can think of it as a way to learn random facts at a time when you least expect it.

To use this trick all you have to do is visit Google.com, type in the search bar the words as shown in the image below and you can consume interesting facts to your heart’s content.

What’s cool is that you can hit the “Ask another question” button basically as many times as you like and get almost unlimited question and answer boxes presented to you. It’s nearly impossible to tell how many facts this search trick can display since the internet is an endless void of information and Google has access to all of it. If you haven’t tried it before yourself, here’s a fact I was presented with about sign language used in different countries.

I'm feeling curious trick search example

This is an entertaining way of broadening your general knowledge. If you were to spend 5-10 minutes every day using these reading fun facts, I’m sure you’ll gain an incredible level of common knowledge.

How and when did it get started?

As with most technological developments, I’m a bit out of sync. It seems that as soon as a trend starts to fade away, I discover and use it. It’s no different with I’m feeling curious. According to the image I’ve added from Google trends below, the trick seems to have been added to the search engine around September 2015. You can see the huge spike in search results around that time. It only landed on my radar early in 2017. The graph goes back to 2004 and it’s obvious that it only got started in 2015.

Here’s the trend for this search term:

I have no idea how this trick got started. Unlike Google Gravity which I talk about at the beginning of the article, which was part of a project at Experiments With Google initiative, this search engine development has no clear path of history. The only data I can find about it is either via trends or other news articles. It’s safe to assume it was an initiative started by Google similar to other like “I’m feeling lucky.”

Some quotes and fun facts I liked

I thought I would further demonstrate this unique search engine term by listing a few quotes or question & answer points I enjoyed.

Quote #1: What does it mean to throw the baby out with the bathwater?

Thankfully, like the fact states, this is just an idiomatic expression and not something people do in real life.

search example

Quote #2: How many miles per hour does the earth go around the sun?

Science buffs, this one is for you.

Quote #3: What did Bruce Lee study?

Bruce Lee is an all-time martial arts favorite of mine. He was an incredible athlete, and I love his movies. Finding out what he studied was pretty cool.

Google Gravity

You might also like the widely popular “Google Gravity” trick and enjoy my Easter Egg infographic here which makes for a fascinating read if these tech tricks fascinate you.

My final thoughts and moving forward

I’m the kind of person that can get bored pretty quickly, even with something like I’m feeling curious. Other people might sit for hours in front of their computer consuming every little piece of information presented to them by this trick, but I’ve not been able to use it for more than five minutes. In a technology world where things can often get very mundane, it’s nice to see something that is not just a time waster by bringing value to you as a person, especially in an educational capacity.

I hope you enjoyed this short write up and urge you to check out my other posts which are themed around similar topics. You can find more remarkable facts, and same Google tricks on my blog here. If you like web-based games also be sure to visit my Google Feud game page which is based on the autocomplete function (awesome).

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